3rd Year PAPER-III (GNM EXAM) (Community Health Nursing II)
Time – 3 Hrs Full marks – 75
Answer All Questions
Q.1 (2+5+8)
a. Define family planning.
b. Describe the stages of demography.
c. State the factors influencing the population growth in India.
a. Define supervision. (3+7+5)
b. Enumerate the principles of supervision.
c. As a staff nurse what problems are commonly encountered during their duty
time in the hospital?
Q.2 (3+6+6)
a. What do you mean by community health nursing?
b. Write the principles of community health nursing.

c. Enumerate the roles and responsibilities of a community health nurse.
a. List the institutions that are working under primary level of health care
delivery system in India. (3+5+7)
b. What are the elements of primary health care?
c. What are the principles of primary health care?
Q.3 Write shorts on any 3. (3X5=15)
a. Health planning
c. Red Cross of India
d. Importance of spacing
e. RCH
Q.4 A. Mark ‘True’ or ‘False’ against each sentence (1X10=10)
a. Anthropometric measurements are valuable indicators of nutritional status .
b. Demonstration is the best method for teaching illiterate people .
c. In lepromatous leprosy, the bridge of nose is depressed.
d. Poliomyelitis has been eradicated from India .
e. Continuing education is essential for improvement of nursing efficiency .
f. 3 tier structure of local self Govt. in the state is known as Panchayati raj
g. VHG scheme was initiated in India in 1955 .
h. Current Nurse population ratio is 1:3000 .
i. Control of ‘Birth & Death Registration Ac t’ was promulgated in the year
j. National Health Policy approved in the year 2002 .
B. Fill in the blanks. (1X5=5)
a. Colostrum contains __________which protects the baby from diseases .
b. Post natal visit is carried upto ________days after delivery.
c. __________rice has more nutritional value.
d. Infant is one which is born between __________weeks of gestation.
e. DDT has __________properties.
Q.5 A. As a nursing personnel what are your roles and responsibilities in the
following situations. (2X5=10)
a. A woman wanting to undergo tubectomy.
b. Mother denying Pulse Polio Immunization to her baby .
c. Tribal girls getting married at early ag e.
d. People of the village going to open field defaecation .
e. A female having glossitis.
B. Write the full form of abbreviations. (1X5=5)