Question 1 :Which are the works that cannot be taken under MGNREGA?

A: Water conservation and water harvesting
B: Aforestation and tree plantation
C: Land development & rural connectivity
D: Building works

Ans: D: Building works

Question 2 :In which year was NSAP introduced?

A: 15th August 2000
B: 15th August 2007
C: 15th August 1995
D: 15th August 2002
Ans: C: 15th August 1995

Question 3 :How many schemes are there under NSAP?

A: 2
B: 4

C: 5
D: 7

Ans: C: 5

Question 4 : Give the full form of NRLM
A: Nations Rural Lively Motion
B: National Rural Livelihood Mission
C: National Rozgar Living Mission
D: National Rozgar Livelihood Motivation

Ans: B: National Rural Livelihood Mission

Question 5 :Can you give work to private contractors under MGNREGA?

A: Private contractors
B: Government contractors
C: No contractors are allowed
D: Both private and government contractors

Ans: A: Private contractors

Question 6 :What is the age limit of applicant under IGWPS?

A: 20-60 years
B: 40-64 years
C: 40-62 years
D: 40-60 years

Ans: B: 40-64 years

Question 7 :Give full form of IGA
A: Income Generating Activity
B: Identified General Activity
C: Identity Generating Activity
D: Income Generated Action
Ans: A: Income Generating Activity

Question 8 :State the objective of NRLM

A: Forming SHGs of poor people APL/BPL, Federation of SHGs to avail benefit of the scheme.
B: Formation of group under APL/BPL
C: SHG Federation and nurturing
D: Both B & C
Ans: D: Both B & C

Question 9 :Who can form SHG under SGSY Scheme?

A: DRDA officials
C: CBOs and SHPIs
D: All options mentioned above
Ans: D: All options mentioned above

Question 10 :What are the salient features of SGSY scheme?

A: Form SHGs
B: Provide self employment opportunities
C: Subsidy and revolving fund
D: All
Ans: D: All