Question 1 :Which of the following states has no Panchayati Raj institution at all
A: Tripura
B: Kerala
C: Assam
D: Nagaland
Answer: D: Nagaland

Question 2 :Elections for the Panchayat is done by
A:  Open ballot
B: Raising of hands
C: Secret ballot
D: None of these
Answer: C: Secret ballot

Question 3 :Can fine department invite the joint tender proposal of NREGA Programme labour material?
A: Yes
B: in accoidance with needs
C: No
D: Sometimes
Answer: C

Question 4 :what is to be included in material content?
A: wages of skilled labourers
B: wages of semi-skilled labourers
C: purchased material
D: all of the above
Answer: D

Question 5 :If wages are found to be less than Rs 50/- then in maximum how many daysinvestigation and payment is necessary?
A: Investigation and payment in maximum 15 days after the end of fortnight

B: If there is difference of wages is found as a result of investigation then within 30 days the difference amount is payable.
C: Both a and b
D: After investigation, difference amount is payable within 21 days

Answer: A

Question 6 :If any labourer group could not complete the task given in a fortnight, and if they perform more work in other work days, then should the more work done by them be included in muster roll and wages diary?
A: The short work done on other days cannot be mentioned
B: No need to enter
C: Necessary to enter
D: None of these

Answer: C

Question 7 :How many members will be social Audit Forum?
A: 3
B: 5
C: 8
D: 10
Answer: B

Question 8 :During the first stage NREGA Programme was implementation in how many districts?
A: 400 Districts
B: 200 Districts
C: 100 Districts
D: 150 Districts
Answer: B

Question 9 :Which among the below is eligible for Nirmal Gram Puraskar
A: Gram Panchayats, Blocks and Districts
B: Only Gram Panchayat
C: Gram panchayat and block
D: None of the above
Answer: A

Question10 :If gram sevak withdraws any amount from the account of gram Panchayat then whose written permission will be taken?
A: Junior Engineer/Junior Technical assistant
B: Programme Officer
C: Sarpanch
D: Sarpanch and gram Seveak can withdraw payment directly without any permission
Answer: C

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